Rockland Dutton Research & Consulting (RDR&C) was formed in mid-2017 to provide clients with research, insights, analytics and measurement to address business and organizational problems and opportunities. The firm started when the two partners, the husband and wife team of Sarah Dutton and David Rockland, retired from top jobs in the public polling and market research fields. Specifically, Sarah was the Director of Surveys for CBS News where she worked for 18 years.  And, David built and led Ketchum Global Research & Analytics (KGRA) from 2000 to 2017.

RDR&C is a specialized research and consulting business that works with select clients who need best-in-class expertise available to them. The firm is engaged with a wide range of clients including The World Bank Group, IATA, Axis Capital, UNICEF, the check-off programs for the beef, soy and mango industries, and a host of PR and marketing agencies. After 18 months in business, the firm has worked with around 25 clients ranging from global household names to boutique marketing agencies.

The company has a Research and Design Project Manager, Emily Peet, to make sure that not only is the work product the smartest and most robust it can be, but also visually appealing and communicates the findings clearly and succinctly. As of February 1, 2019, Courtney Kalous joined the team as Vice President. She brings a wealth of experience in evaluation and strategic planning for commodity check-off programs. A stable of freelance staff is engaged when support at various staff levels is needed.