Rockland Dutton Research & Consulting is a relatively new firm. It is, however, based on the 70+ years of experience of the two partners.  The following are the types of services the firm provides, and examples of the work they have done in their previous roles or at Rockland Dutton:


Measurement and Evaluation

Built a consistent communications impact framework for The World Bank Group. Designed and implemented a communications measurement program for UNICEF across 190 countries. Developed measurement programs for the beef and soy industries to know how marketing dollars benefit ranchers and farmers.  Several of these initiatives have won the top awards for communications measurement around the world including The Holmes Report 2017 Diamond SABRE and the AMEC “Best-of-the-Best Measurement Program” in 2018.


Assist clients such as the International Air Transport Association, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, AXIS Capital, National Mango Board and University of Maryland University College in re-defining their brand and value proposition to resonate most strongly with their stakeholders to drive organizational performance.


Reputation Management

Undertake reputation management studies, and build reputation enhancing roadmaps for FedEx, Philips, Dow Chemical and a wide range of corporations and non-profit organizations. Work with the Holmes Report to rank approximately 100 PR agencies based on being a great place to work. Undertook a survey in 181 countries on the World Bank’s reputation and communications effectiveness.

Public Affairs Polling

As head of surveys and polls for CBS News, Sarah has polled on almost every major public issue and election. This includes the nation’s response to 9/11, presidential politics, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, healthcare, tax reform, gun policy, environmental protection, etc.  Her expertise is based on a thorough understanding of the nuances of polling on public policy issues, current events, and elections. A recent project at Rockland Dutton was a poll of airline travelers’ experiences in five geographies.

Building a better mousetrap

Rockland Dutton has been engaged by multiple organizations to assist them in the development and improvement of their research, measurement and analytics programs. For agencies, this can result in turning a cost center into a profit center as David did at Ketchum. With other organizations, it results in more efficient and effective results from investments in research, data, analytics, measurement, etc.

As highly skilled and experienced practitioners, Sarah and David are experts in a wide range of research and planning techniques including focus groups, econometric modeling, insight development, IDI's, strategic planning, survey and sample design, and communications and marketing measurement. Courtney Kalous brings industry-leading expertise in marketing and communications evaluation. Complimenting these analytical skills are the award-winning design skills of Emily Peet so that client deliverables not only deliver actionable insights, but are visually appealing.